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How to Capitalize on Over/Under Football Betting

In football betting a common wager is the domain of over/under betting the total number of goals in a game. You can bet that there will be either more, or less, than a certain number of goals in the game. This is a nice bet because regardless of the exact score line, you can still win your money back under a number of conditions or outcomes.

Imagine for instance, you bet there will be more than a total of 3 goals in a game. This is over betting, and in games where there’s likely to be a lot of goals, such as a David vs Goliath, it’s a good bet to make. Visa versa under betting is when you think there will be less than a certain amount of goals in the game.

How to Improve Your Winnings in Over/Under Football Betting

Just like any football betting tip, the more you know, understand and can predict the game, the higher your chance of success when betting in football. When it comes to the category of betting over or under in football, there are some important factors to take into consideration.

Previous Encounters & Results

Looking at the history of previous fixtures involving the same teams is extremely important. Of course the same result in the past cannot definitively be replicated, but looking at how these games were played and the general attitude/style of the teams can be analyzed. In almost every recent Chelsea vs Arsenal game the score lines have been extremely tight because of the way the teams have been set up. In fact, a useful tip when betting for matches involving the collision of teams at the top of the league, is that there is motivation for the team to get a draw then risk fighting for the win. This inevitably produces defense-minded teams and tactics; with small motivation going forward (this usually precludes a 4-5-1 system). It’s also noted that when two high quality teams play each other, particularly in the Champions League for example, the two footballing sides tend to cancel each other out. This tends to produce low goal outcomes. When a team is winning 1-0, there biggest incentive and motivation is to defend and keep the status quo – not throw men forward to increase the lead.

Number of Goal Scorers in Both Teams

The number of realistic goal scorers in a team should heavily affect your decision to bet on the number of goals in a game. Some sides in the Premier League and Championship tend to be over-reliant on members of their squad for goals (Torres and Gerrard at Liverpool for example). However when goal scorers are left out/injured from the team, there is a much higher chance of a stale mate or lack of goals. Importantly, strikers who’ve come back into the squad from a long term absence tend not to be as sharp and successful in their first few games back in the team.

Previous Form of Both Football Sides

The number of goals a team has scored or conceded is another massive influence of goals in a football match. If you’re going to make an over bet on total goals in a game, make sure the team has proven capable of scoring of number of goals against similar opposition. Arsenal are a prime example of this, because their fast-flowing football, dynamic movement and technical ability tends to rip lower league teams apart and create room for goals.

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