How to Choose the Perfect Online Sportsbook?


There are tons of sports betting sites on the internet these days.

What started off as a street shop enterprise has turned the UK gambling industry into an online phenomenon.

And while online operators and sports betting sites such as Betfair, Bet365 and Paddy Power have became increasingly successful (William Hill reported double profits for its online operations compared to offline in 2009), even mobile betting is beginning to take over the internet.

The first online sports betting sites started in around 2000. William Hill launched their online operators in 2003 while Betfair similarly went online in 2006 offering the world’s biggest sports betting exchange.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Sports Betting Site

First of all, the name, reputation and history of the brand are extremely important in my opinion. If you’re going to open an account, deposit and wager money online than you need to know that your funds are safe and secure. Companies such as Bet365, William Hill and Betfair has a 10+ year reputation operating in the UK and regular feature ads and promotions on TV. These companies employ thousands of workers, service millions of clients across the world, and are fully licensed by the respective authorities where they are based (e.g. Government of Malta).

The next most important issue depends on whether you’re betting on a game as a one-off or if you’re a seasoned sports betting fan. The reason I say this is because if you’re simply signing up to bet on a one-off event such as the World Cup or the Grand National than you might be better off finding the biggest deposit bonus for new players. At Betfair for example, you’ll receive a £25 Free Bet as a new player which allows you to make a free bets without having to risk any money when you sign up.

If you play on betting for a long time on a range of different sports matches each week than new player bonuses won’t be that important to you. Instead you should check what type of player rewards, re-load bonuses and weekly promotions/competitions the sports betting site offers. All of these things will be much more important to you in the long run and will ensure you are happier betting online here.

The software, betting features and markets offered by the site are another thing that helps to compare sites. For example, how easy is it to find the latest sports odds for a particular game, access the live betting section or make a deposit in the cashier. All of these things should be simple to do. You might even want to check to see if the site offers cross-over bingo, poker and casino games (virtually all major UK operators do).

Finally, betting features and mobile technology are all becoming really important in 2011 and onwards. The release of the iPhone and Android smart phone devices has meant that mobile sports betting is far more functional, user-friendly and exciting than ever before. You can now place bets at Betfair across all of their markets on the iPhone, including making deposits/withdrawals away from your computer and browsing the latest odds and football scores. If you plan on betting on your mobile than choosing an online sportsbook which offers these sorts of facilities (including an exclusive mobile bonus) is very important.

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