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Football Betting Tips for Any Time Scorer

Placing a football bet on an Any Time Scorer means you’re betting that they will score during the match – and you will your bet if he scores during the game regardless of how many or during what time.

Football Betting Tips on Any Time Scorer

There are some important things to take into account on these bets. Firstly, the highly rate strikers at the teams at the top of divisions will yield low value. Betting on Drogba, Torres (or more Rooney nowadays) won’t generally give good odds. The real value, and more appropriate strategy for these type of bets, is to bet on someone who’s likely to score, but is not over valued by the football betting site or bookie.

What Should I look for When Betting on Any Time Scorer

Players most likely to score in football, aside from prolific strikers, are those who take penalties, free kicks, and play the full 90 minutes of the game. A prime example of this was Crystal Palace’s Andy Johnson, who scored 21 goals last season – with 11 from the penalty spot. Marcus Tudgay (striker/winger at Sheffield Wednesday) scored 14 goals in 42 last season, the majority coming at home. This means the odds of him scoring in a game were roughly 1/3, where as the betting odds you’d receive would be much higher – possibly 8-1.
This brings to mind another important factor in football betting on Any Time Scorer – Form and Home/Away. Football teams tend to score 2/3 of their goals or more at home, and a player is much more likely to score as a result in a home fixture. The form of a player – particularly a striker, is also incredibly important. Strikers play off confidence, this rule is virtually true for 99% of strikers in football. If you’re player hasn’t scored in 5 matches, he’s more unlikely to score in the next match then if he had done, but hey, that’s football for ya! Let’s look at Wayne Rooney’s career for example. If you analyse his stats, he’s gone through many dry periods, and then periods where he’s scored 10 goals in less matches. For Englan in the World Cup qualifiers this was particularly true, and his international form was replicated at club level, and visa versa.

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