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July 14th, 2010

 What Makes a Good Poker Player?

Millions of people play poker, 200,000 players sign up online poker accounts each month, however still only 5% of players online actually make profit playing poker.  Normally this is because loosing players and negligent, and don’t take the time to learn strategy and improve their game.

The following article will cover some of the basic qualities that make solid online poker players.

Mathematics & Pot Odds

Success in online poker is heavily accredited to making fast, calculated decisions with respect to pot odds and expected value.  If you haven’t come across these terms before you need to read up on them as they are the corner stone of playing the modern poker game profitably.  To put it in simple terms, for every decision you make in poker (call, fold or raise) you are taking a risk with regards to your chip stack and bankroll. Playing hands with positive expected value means you are playing in a way where the rewards are greater than the risks. 

By studying the probability of winning the hand (“outs”), along with the current size of the pot and the amount it cost to enter (“call”), you can easily work out whether you’re playing profitably with regards to expected value and pot odds.

Playing with a Proper Bankroll

This is a topic I covered in another article, so I’ll just go over the basics here.  Bankroll management is about reducing the risks in your game that are associated with variance and bad beats.  By only risking a small proportion of your total bankroll in each game, you reduce the risks massively and remove element of “luck” in poker in the long term.  Bankroll management is incredibly important if you want to make money over the long-run in poker.


All the world’s best poker players, whether live or online, need to be disciplined.  Although you may think a bad call here or there might not be worth much, when you’re playing in the long run these “little mistakes” will add up to a sizeable amount.  Being disciplined means not playing loose when you’re bored, not getting tilted because you lose an unlucky hand, and not getting tired and reckless half way through your game. Discipline is about maintaining a level of quality in your game, and not being negligent over the poker strategy you’ve learned.

Don’t Play Obvious

One of the most important parts of poker is to keep your opponent guessing, and not playing in an obvious manner with lots of tells.  This is important for both live and online poker.  Bluffing is an important part of poker too, but if players can read you too easily than you won’t make much money in poker over the long-run.  In order to make yourself non-obvious, try playing hands differently, bluffing occasionally, and taking advantage of your table position to steal the blinds.

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