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Arbitrage Betting at Betfair

December 9th, 2010 Comments off

Arbitrary Betting at Betfair

Betfair is one of the few bookmakers which allow you to place arbitrary bets, also know as “arbitrage” or “arb” betting.

Arbitrary betting is when you are guaranteed to make money on the outcome of the event, by betting both possible outcomes.  It’s called arbitrary betting because you are taking advantage of the odds set in the same market by different bookmakers, enabling to guarantee to make money.  Arbitrage betting is completely legal however of course the bookmakers will want to ensure it doesn’t happen too often since that would mean they are over-pricing their odds a lot.

In order to place an arb bet, you’ll need to find laying odds shorter than backing odds for a two-outcome event e.g. a horse or dog race.  You’ll also need to wager slightly more on the cover bet.

For example, let’s say that you get laying odds of 3:1 on a dog winning a race, and 3.5:1 covering odds of the same dog winning.  If you wager £11 on the dog losing at 3:1 and £10 on the dog winning at 3.5:1 then if the dog loses you will make £1 profit (11-10).  If the dog wins than you’ll make £2 profit (35-33).

Regardless of the outcome of the event you will make either £2 profit or £1 profit.

Tips for Arb Betting

First of all you’ll need access to a sports betting exchange which allows you to place lay bets.  Betfair allows you to do this, however what makes Betfair even better is that their Fav V Fan Bettting system allows you to set your own laying odds. This allows you to receive much shorter odds than a conventional bookmaker would offer.

In order to make money in arb betting, you generally have to be willing to wager much larger amounts that ordinary fixed-odds bets.  The profit margins are so small in arbitrage betting that you have to wager a lot in order to see a decent return.  However this shouldn’t be a problem since you are guaranteed to make a profit and there is no risk involved in the transaction.

Finally, in order to find the best odds you’ll want to use some sort of odds comparison website or find the best betting lines.  More arbitrage betting users will sign up to a plethora of sports betting websites in order to find the most favourable odds.  You can also shop around on major sports events and use odds comparison websites such as to find the best deals.

Finally, remember to take advantage of the best sports betting bonuses and deals whenever you sign up to a betting site.  These not only provide you free money but are also an alternative way of improving your profit margins and ROI since many bonuses provide money-back refunds across all of your first bets.

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Betfair iPhone App Released

October 8th, 2010 Comments off

Betfair iPhone App Released!

Good news to Betfair players.  The world’s largest sports betting exchange has now released and brand new official Betfair iPhone App. The iPhone sports betting app allows you to bet across all of Betfair’s markets including both sports and financial betting.

The iPhone betting app comes with a range of features for users (you can read more at Users can back and lay teams, use the in-play betting features and they will have full access to their account and cashier.  You can make deposits and withdrawals to your account using the iPhone sports betting app, and it works seamlessly across Wi-Fi, 3G and Edge networks.  One of the best things about the official iPhone app is that it revolutionizes sports betting. You can bet in the live-odds markets on the go or whilst you’re at the football match easily.  The in-brower software, which doesn’t use flash, basically allows you to navigate the entire Betfair website and features.

Betfair’s iPhone Client:

  • Back or Lay bets on your iPhone
  • Bet on any Betfair market
  • Check your account status
  • Easy to use
  • Fast over Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge

If you want to start betting on your iPhone all you have to do is sign up an account at Betfair and download the official app from the iTunes store.  You can log in with the same username and password as your computer account and you’ll be able to start placing bets with your account immediately.

Betfair’s iPhone App was released on September 2010 from the guys at Betfair Labs.  Betfair purposely targeted the iPhone and mobile betting market after they saw a surge in profits in mobile betting.  Their revenue in mobile betting increased 40% from last year according to Betfair executive.  In doing so, Betfair also became the first UK bookmaker to release an official app for the iPhone, which is now in its 4th generation aka the iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, the Betfair iPhone App will only work within the geographic regions of the UK and Ireland.  Betfair have worked alongside excisting GPS technology in the iPhone to ensure that it is locked outside of these jurisdictions.  In addition, you will have to be over 18 to use the application in accordance with UK gambling legislation.

£25 Betfair Bonus – £25 Free Bets

iPhone users can still take advantage of the fantastic £25 Betfair Bonus when they sign up and make a deposit through their iPhone.  In order to take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is sign up an account at Betfair and make at least £25 in bets.  Once you have done this you will receive an additional £25 in free bets to use across any of the fixed odds or in-play betting markets.

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Betfair Live Video

September 29th, 2010 Comments off

About Betfair Live Video Streaming

There have been all sorts of phenomenal developments in online bookmaker software and features.  Things like mobile betting; daily match pics, odds calculators and in-play betting have become the norm.  Now though you can even get involved in all of the action by watching live streaming games on Betfair Live Video.  In order to watch hundreds of live sports events and games during the week, all you have to do is sign up to Betfair and register an account.  Don’t forget to make a deposit and take advantage of the £25 Betfair Bonus too! 

Betfair Live Video

Betfair’s Live TV streaming channel, “Betfair Live Video”, let’s you watch a number of live sports games during the week.  The sports that Betfair Live Video offers include Football, Horseracing, Tennis, Basketball and Snooker. 

European football fans should sign up to Betfair to take advantage of the types of football games and European leagues that you can watch. Betfair have the rights to show Serie A, Portuguese Superliga, UEFA Cup and most importantly international friendlies.  One of the upcoming football games include Santos v Joe Public and Estudiantes v Gimnasia La Plata.  A month ago Betfair even broadcast the Spain vs Argentina match after the World Cup which Argentina went on to win 4-1, courtesy of some brilliant goals by Athletico Madrid striker Hun Aguero.

What’s really nifty about Betfair Live Video is that you can use it in concatenation with live in-play betting, which allows you to become fully ensconced in the action and drama.  You can sit at your computer watching the Horse Racing and Football Derby for instance and place bets at your disposal as you watch the event live.  A tip when you are planning on watching or betting on  live football streaming is that you need to be aware that the feed broadcast has a 10 second delay. This is very important since the live odds will not necessarily be in synergy with the time of play.  It only takes 2 seconds to score a goal, so you have to be careful not to rely too much on Betfair Live Video services just in case you’ve missed an important event like a penalty of goal that inflates or creates big changes in the live odds.  The same caveat can be said about horse racing too.  Your favourite horse called “junior” or “deathtrap” might be in front in Betfair Live Video, but in actual fact with a 10 second delay the horse race could all be over in real-time before you even saw it start.  Your horse might even have had a cardiac arrest, have fallen flat on its rider and killed him, bailed every other single horse in the race, all before you can even see it happening on the Betfair video feed.

In order to use Betfair Live Video services for Horse Racing, you need to have placed a minimum of £2 on the “Day of the Race Market”.  Tote bets do not qualify for this service and you’ll also need to be aware that SP bet don’t qualify as match bets until the start of every race.

Start Watching Live Football Games by Signing up to Betfair.

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