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About Tradefair’s Spread Betting Platform

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What is TradeFair

As well as being the world’s largest sports betting exchange with over 4 million users, Betfair continuously adds new features and games to their network.

In 2008, Betfair’s owners launched TradeFair, a spread betting platform that allows users to spread bet and speculate on over 7,000 different financial markets, including the FTSE, DowJones, Securities, Commodities and FOREX (foreign exchange) markets.

About Spread Betting

The decision to start a brand spread betting company comes after the UK has enjoyed successful years of growth in the spread betting industry.  Unlike conventional trading, spread betting profits are completely tax-free in the UK and exempt from Stamp Duty.  This means that you don’t have to pay 40% capital gains tax on your profits nor do you have to pay a 0.5% sub-charge of Stamp Duty when you buy shares like you would have to do under conventional share trading.

Tradefair’s chief executives announced that in the UK spread betting has enjoyed growth of around 20-30% per annum, which is bigger than both online poker and sports betting.  One of the reasons for massive growth in the spread betting industry is because of developments in technology which allow professionals to start opening up accounts online at spread betting platforms (there are now more than 20 in the UK alone).  In addition to this, ever since the technology and internet boom in 2000 lots of spread betting companies joined in the mix and financial markets received a lot more attention in the media from news resources such as Reuters, Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance.  Asides from Tradefair, other firms such as ETX Capital, Capital Spreads (2003), Inter Traders, Finspreads and Spreadex all entered the market post 1999.

One of the major reasons for using Tradefair as your spread betting platform is that they cover more than 7,000 markets (some of which run 24/7) and they have very tight spreads, usually around 1 pip.  Tight spreads are good for spread bettors because they allow you to make more profit and higher margins on all of your deals.  Since the spread is the difference between the bid and offer price and how the broker makes its commission, a small spread is better for the end user.

Tradefair also provide a fantastic £100 bonus for traders who open new accounts with them.  Whilst a deposit bonus should by no means be the only important factor to consider when signing up a spread betting account, Tradefair also has a very strong reputation in the financial community and offers lots of stop-loss features to prevent you exposing yourself to too much risk on deals.

If you are not yet ready to open up a deposit account, Tradefair also lets users register for a Demo account with $50,000 in play money to trade and invest with.  The demo account is great for letting users get acquainted with the software, learn to execute different types of orders and buy limits, and analyse their trading positions and stock portfolio.

For more information on spread betting and how you and how you can make money on it, along with FAQs and videos on technical and fundamental analysis try visiting the Tradefair website now.  They also has great customer support available through phone and email.

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